Our Salami

The Marches have an ancient tradition in this field: the robustness and unmistakable “color” of the cured meats of our lands are part of an ancient art handed down from generation to generation. We have collected the ancient knowledge of our elders and transferred it to modern and technologically advanced procedures, so as to be able to preserve forgotten tastes and restore their visibility and recognition.

The decidedly traditional cut is a choice that has allowed us to make ourselves known throughout the region, and which has also allowed us to approach extra-territorial realities. Meat, liver and spicy sausages, normal and larded salami, normal and smoked ciabuscolo, loin and loin, seasoned pancetta and bacon, raw ham (whole and in vacuum-packed slices) are the products that can be found in the company sales point and in numerous shops in the region.

PGI Products

The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) legal protection mark is attributed by the European Union to foods whose peculiar qualitative characteristics depend essentially or exclusively on the territory in which they were produced. Whoever produces PGI must comply with the strict production rules established in the production disciplinary.

Our Salumificio produces the Ciauscolo IGP typical of the Marche, with artisan techniques handed down from generation to generation!

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