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È ottenuto dalla lavorazione dell’arista di maiale (lombo disossato). Dopo la salatura, insaccatura e asciugatura e sottoposto a lunga stagionatura. Ottimo per panini e antipasti.

Tutte le Carni che lavoriamo sono provenienti da suini nati, allevati e macellati in Italia


Handcrafted cured meats are characterized by a specific processing method, carefully attended to in every detail, which leads to a final product of the highest sensory quality.

At the heart of their delicious goodness lies targeted expertise and professionalism that are never improvised but follow very precise traditional rules.

This allows for the optimal management of the stages of processing, which, unlike industrial methods, occur with full respect for the natural maturation and seasoning times and with a focus solely on achieving cured meats of the highest and refined quality.

Artisanal cured meats offer a wide, varied, and fascinating range of sensory nuances: a true delight for every palate.

Moreover, thanks to their confirmed genuineness, they allow for bringing to every table not only irresistibly delicious goodness but also characterized by top-notch nutritional value.

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